Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just an update

Sorry I haven't had anything to post in the last month.  It's not that there's been any lack of writing.  Just a lack of good writing with good points.  Mostly just rants about trivial items that no one would find interesting.

So here's the update:

Back in June I upset a parent from my church.  Well, as per the request of my church board, I have resigned as of August 31.  It's been an ugly past couple of months, but God is still on the move.  I just finished two weeks of uber-stress trying to find a new job, any job, that will pay the bills.  For the next couple months I will be working with a friend laying dranage tile in some fields in SE South Dakota and SW Minnesota. 

I do believe that God has set this time aside for me and my wife to heal from the events of the last couple months.  That healing being both emotional and spiritual.  I've never had someone out to get me like this and without close friends and family with good advice and mentoring, I don't think I'd know where to start. 

Up until the board asked for my resignation, I thought forgiveness was simple.  I could not understand people that held life long grudges against people over one simple event in their lifetimes.  I don't think I've ever really known true anger and hate up until now either.  Let me tell you, these are scary emotions to deal with.  And forgiveness is turning out to be one obstacle that I will be focusing on in the coming months.  I do think that I will be able to come to a place of forgiveness, but the only way I will is through time spent with my Savior. 

I will write more on my journey to forgiveness over the next couple months.  Who knows, maybe I'll write so much on the subject that you'll get bored with it. One thing I do know is that forgiveness is my goal, and as a goal it is yet to be acheived.  Pray for me and my family and close friends that have been in the thick of the muck we call "Anger", the mire we call "Hate", and the ashes we call "Division".