Friday, June 27, 2014

One Man

You, are only one man. 
You are ONLY one man. 

The cry of the defeated
Echoes through the halls of the mind of the depleted
Is it true? Am I stuck?
Do I quit pushing forward and just give up?

The histories show contrary
Late nights and failed plights adding block to the foundation of the sanctuary

So am I defeated?
Have my ambitions receded?
Should I lay down my arms and embrace the green ribbon I thought I needed?

You are only ONE man. 

Old lies, false ties
Comply to my demise
But my savior screams contrary-wise

You are only one man...
But I am with you. 

Confront your anguish!
Confront your pain!
Confront the parts of you that are dying or lame

Grab hold of your weakness
Corral your insecurities
Extinguish those black flames and make way to ignite your new destiny

Embrace strength in your left hand 
Embrace wisdom in your right
Let the fires of ambition take hold and burn in the night

Set your eyes to the horizon
For a new dawn is on the cusp
New motivation, new ambition
A new plight that you can trust

For dawn is here, so let the night be the night
Darkness gone, oh how I long
To reside in the light 

One step, then two
Farther up and further in and to him I clutch
Because, I am only one MAN
But together, we can accomplish much!