Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not Good Enough Gospel

Corrine and I have been part of a great Christian community for the past six or seven months called Journey. One aspect of Journey is that we utilize sermon series by either Andy Stanley or Erwin McManus. We alternate between the two. Stanley's sermons are more practical in nature. Whereas McManus tends to be less practical in that he seems to lead you to the answer instead of just blatantly stating the point of the lesson. That said, I get WAY more out of the Erwin messages.

Well today we heard the last in a series from Andy Stanley. His message was about not putting Jesus in a box and trying to abuse your "relationship" with him. I get this. It makes sense. God is way bigger than a simple genie in a bottle. But Stanley seemed to be really heavy handed in pushing the "You're not doing this good enough" aspect of the message.  Which I believe may be stated and preached on too much.

My concern with this message is that it's only preaching to those that are lukewarm in their faith. I personally believe that many people are hurting and suffering and searching. My question is, where is the hope? Where is the love? Why wouldn't you.continue on in the message and say, "We're all screwed if we rely on Jesus in a can. But Jesus is bigger than this and is begging for a deeper relationship. We all fall short, but we all have access to a love, life, and relationship greater than anything we could.ever imagine."

My question is, are you willing to dive deeper? Are you willing to allow.God to fill your life with what you're lacking? Are you willing to fill the gaps and transform yourself? If not, that's ok, Jesus is patient...and still loves you through whatever you're dealing.with.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you blogging again Kyle! Looking forward to you keeping us updated on the family, etc.! And I so agree...let God out of that box and let Him walk with you each day! We need Him!

Take care,
Annie Watts