Monday, August 17, 2009


OK, so the day has come and gone and I am now a NEW DADDY!

For those of you that don't know, my daughter was born July 28th at 1:30pm in SU FU.

She eats approximately 30 gallons of breast milk/formula each day, dirties 97 diapers an hour and sleeps for 16 hours each day...usually when the sun is up. SO, my three weeks of paternity leave has come and gone and now I am back in the saddle at work ready to attack the new year!

Things I have learned since joining the Daddy Club:

a) After the birth of your will spend the next fifteen hours on the phone talking to friends, family, and friends that have heard from your other friends or family and thought they'd give you a call. Advice: get a comfortable chair, a cell phone charger, and a packed lunch because even though you make hundreds of phone calls that day, the story never gets old!

b) The days are no longer divided into "Work", "Eat", "Sleep", and "Misc" time slots. Rather they are divided into 2-4 hour stretches that are filled with projects that can be completed inbetween feedings. Now I know what you're thinking..."Kyle, you're a can't breastfeed!" Which is correct. But we have to do half Mom's Milk, half guess who gets to do the formula...that's right it's ME! (not complaining...just saying)

c) Babies don't break...usually. The drive home from the hospital (usually 1.5 hours or less depending on how I'm driving) will take an ETERNITY!!! It's not because you have to go farther, or because you have to make more stops...rather it's because all of a sudden there is fragile merchandise in the car and you will drive 10 MPH below the speed limit and avoid each and every bump so as to not disturb the fresh little ball of cuteness strapped in behind you. But you will always make it home safely...and in fact your driving skills will improve drastically. You will be come a defensive driver and will no longer roll through stop signs.

d) No matter what time your little one decides to wake at night...the sun always comes up the next day. There's always time to catch little cat naps here and there...but the baby's only a baby for a little while. Go ahead and pick her up at 4am when you were fast asleep. Sure it'll seem like you're turning into a zombie at times, but look on the bright side...soon you'll have to go back to can always catch up on sleep there. PLUS, you'll be able to out-do your youth when you go on an all night Ride-a-thon at the local amusement park!

Overall being a dad has been great! I am going to enjoy each and every day...until she's 14 and wants to date boys...then I'll buy a gun.



Charles Meyer said...

You have no Idea how excited I am for you and your little bundle of joy! You are going to make a great father!

Oh and in 14 years when you need that gun, my family has a few shotguns sitting around. Also, Uncle Chuck is not to bad of a shot either!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the birth of Melody! She is a cutie and definitely a keeper! You will probably need that gun a whole lot sooner than at 14-years old-ha!

Enjoy and embrace this new role in your's your most important one!

Annie Watts (Sam's mom)

Nik said...

Oh, Kyle! I had a lot of fun reading this. I read the others too, but this one I decided to comment on. 97 diapers an hour huh? Melody is super baby! :) I adore her. HOw is she doing?

I liked the last one you did also, about substance over attendance. I feel like that is lost in most churches we've been trying. We haven't found one yet that feels like home.