Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Funnier than Bill Cosby...

OK, so as I've been back I've been catching up on my blogs that I've neglected to read since becoming a Daddy. Some of them are funny Christian blogs that have equally funny comments on them. As I've been reading I've come to realize that there are some verses in the Bible that when taken at face value and out of context are actually really really funny. My favorite is Deut. 23:12-13, "You shall also have a place outside the camp and go out there, and you shall have a spade among your tools, and it shall be when you sit down outside, you shall dig with it and shall turn to cover up your excrement." Now I know it's a little sophomoric...but it makes me laugh every time because throughout the entire Bible you have endless amounts of verses discussing the deepest aspects of theology and God...but here in Deuteronomy we have God telling his people how to use a latrine! HAHAHA! Take that eschatology!

What's your favorite, humorous verse and why?