Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Donations Welcome!

Ok...I never really thought I'd have to pick a side. I never really thought that I'd be put into a situation where I'd have to choose one or the other. I thought they were equal in performance, productivity, and overall value. Sure, you'll pay a little more for one than the other, but you also get a slightly less nuanced product with a little more cash. I've thought the ads for both were equally clever and insightful. But I never thought that I HAD to have one over the other. I made sure not to let myself fall into one camp or the other because of the image that would be projected upon me because of the equipment I used. I always just thought that I was an equal opportunity user. Whatever was present, that's what I'd use. But alas, after the last week of torment...I'm proud to announce that I'm...a Mac.

That's right...I have chosen, made up my mind...I will not buy another PC until they get their poop in a group. Here's the low-down for the past few days.

It all started late last week, when I decided to update my computer. Things were running a little screwy, and I knew that I had some software updates to download and install. So I decided to take Thursday and update my computer. Now the church has a decent PC for me to use. It's not the fastest, most powerful, or even the best equipped, but it gets the job done. So I'm in the process of installing Service Pack 3 for Windows XP...it gets all the way to the end and then says, "Cannot complete Installation of Service Pack 3, Uninstalling all updates." (or something to that effect) and then continues to uninstall all the service pack. Well, the kicker is that after it had uninstalled everything another message pops up, "Windows was partially updated, it may not run properly"...boy were they right. After the mandatory restart nothing would open. Not the internet, not Outlook, not even the calculator. So...it went into the shop.

During college I had a laptop, bought brand new in 2002. It's completely outdated now, but at the time it was top of the line. Windows XP, Pentium 4 processor, 30 GB hard drive...I know, top of the line...in 2002. Well when I got married, we decided to use Corrine's desktop as the family computer and my laptop got set in a box to be used in emergencies. Well, I pulled that old laptop out of the box when my work computer crashed, thinking that I'd be able to take a day and update Windows to current and be on my marry way, back to work. I figured it run slower than what I was used to...I mean with only a 30GB internal memory and various other specs that are very very lackluster these days, I figured it'd be slower...but I'd still be able to work.

So yesterday I started the updating. It was running smoothly. I got through the first 40 (yes, forty) updates with ease. It took some time, but I got it done. I defragged it overnight and was ready for another day of updates! I got to work this morning and noticed there was only one update to be had. So I went for it, thinking that in my excitement to update I'd be past it by 10am and onto possible other updates soon after, and maybe, just maybe be completely updated by the end of the day. I saw that it was Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. I thought, "No problem, I didn't have any problems with SP2 with the other computers, it'll be a breeze." So I started the download/install. Downloaded just fine...now it started the installation. An hour later after I've been sporadically watching the progress bar and it's well past the 50% marker...BAM! "Windows XP SP2 failed installation. Starting Uninstall Wizard" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" (Head-desk) So I thought, maybe if I try it again. So I wait for the Uninstall Wizard to finish (another hour) and try again. This time I sit patiently, watching intently, thinking that maybe I missed a box or window that needed an "OK" click. Yeah, that's probably it...I just missed a box that eventually timed out and therefore SP2 couldn't finish the install. Simple, I'll just sit, watch, play FreeCell, and show this SP2 update who's boss.

After an hour and a half of me intellectually and strategically dominating FreeCell, watching the program update like a hawk..."Windows XP SP2 failed installation. Starting Uninstall Wizard"...AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

So, it's now 2:17pm, I'm no closer to updating my computer than I was at 8:15 this morning and am ready to throw in the towel. I will use the church's PC, I will use my old laptop...but I will never...EVER buy another PC.

In unrelated news...I'm taking donations for the "Mac book for Kyle" campaign. You know how to get a hold of me to make donations.


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Shelley said...

I forwarded your blog spot to Dad...maybe the school might have something that's not too old in Mac they're getting rid of....