Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm going to run a year.

Ok, there's no biblical point to this post, more of a personal one. But I'm announcing that I'm going to be running a 5k next fall...2010. Now if you know me you know that I'm not in running shape...heck I'm not in jogging shape...I'm in couch potato shape. So this is a big step to actually training for an event. Over the course of this summer I had taken up running and knocked over a minute off my one-mile time. But when baby came, running went out the door. So now I'm a month and a half removed from my running, back in the same shape I was before I started running...and announcing I'm committing to a road race.

Ok, here's the whole story. Last night Corrine and I were over at some friends of ours, Brian and Betsy's. We were talking about working out and different things we were going to try and accomplish with all of our new baby's. We are currently slowly creeping towards Turkey Day here in Worthington, and the 5k race came up. Then, from our wives, Brian and I were challenged to a race. Boys v. Girls, Turkey Day 5k 2010. So, as men with our pride on our shoulders, we accepted. There's a few rules that we agreed on, and the challenge was ON! So now I find myself just 12 hours after this challenge, more motivated to get out and run than I've ever been. 12 hours ago if you would've asked me to go for a run I'd whine and complain...but now ask me and I'd beat you out the door.

So the challenge is on...I'm going to try and conquer a personal feat larger than I've ever conquered...this is day 1.



Betsy said...

Not fair. you get a head start. I have to have my baby first, recover, and then start training.... pbpbpbpbpbpbpbpb

Nik said...

Good goal! You can do it!!

Shelley said...

Good for you! Dad and I just joined "The Biggest Loser" that the paper is running. Teams of 5 members each compete for biggest percentage lost....$20/person. I'm on the paper team...Dad's on another team....I started walking yesterday to keep up with Dad's reffing and coaching...hope it works! Love ya!