Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day #4 Volcan Poas et al

First things first.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!! Ron Hume is okay!  He got back from the hospital last night around 11pm.  They did a CAT scan and said there wasn't any internal damage.  He got about 10-15 stitches, Vida was super stressed, but at the end of it...'twas merely a flesh wound.

Wow was today tiring. We got started at 7:30 this morning. We got on the bus and drove and drove and drove and drove...and then we were there. We went to see Volcan Poas and Laguna Botos (Poas Volcano and Botos Lagoon). I got some pretty good pics of it. Luckily we were the first ones there. The clouds came in a little for a while, but then they cleared off and we were able to get good pictures. While we were hiking back from Laguna Botos a lot of other tourists started showing up. So it was good that we were there first. The hike up to the volcano wasn't so bad...about a mile of a slight upward grade. But then the mile hike from the volcano to the lagoon was quite a bit harder...then the hike from the lagoon back to the tourist center started out like this / and ended like this \. My legs were jelly when we got back.

The walk up to the Volcano

The Worthington crew in front of the volcano.

Laguna Botos.
After the volcano we were back on the bus and drove and drove and drove and drove to a small snack shop out in the middle of nowhere. It was good stuff. I didn't buy anything, but Gordon shared with me a little of what he got.
Then we were back on the bus and drove and drove and drove and drove until we were finally at the restaraunt in Sarchi. It was pretty good food for pretty cheap. We did a little shopping there at the shopping center. It was pretty cool to see all their stuff. They had a lot of wooden statuary.
From Sarchi we drove and drove and drove and drove to Grecia. Grecia was pretty cool. We stopped to see the Cathedral de la Marcedes in the town center. It was pretty neat because the church is made out of metal. The whole thing is wrapped in metal. I'm not sure why they chose to do that, but they did. I would have gotten some pics of the inside but there was a wedding going on and I didn't feel right going into the sanctuary while that was going on. They did have the front doors open so I got to look in.
The metal Cathedral de la Marcedes.

From there we came home. It was my night for devotions, which went well.
I know it seems a little silly to have a sight seeing day on a mission trip. But Dennis and Barbara Glad's foundation of puting a trip together is that people shouldn't feel run over when they leave. They say that people should feel as good when they leave as when they came. So we work two days and then a day off. We worked Thursday and Friday, Saturday off, Sunday off, Monday and Tuesday are work days. Then Wednesday we're going to the south side of San Jose to serve lunch to some kids at an orphanage. Then the pattern starts again. But to be perfectly honest, I was more tired today than after digging ditch for three hours. So I don't know if a day of sight seeing and shopping is really rest...oh well, it was good.
ps-Check out Day #3.  I updated it with pictures.


Brian said...

So did they say how many lightning strikes they have at the metal church each year?

KaGe said...

They didn't. But I asked the same thing. It has to get struck quite frequently.