Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm in Costa Rica!

Well, we made it to Costa Rica today about 3pm.  The long flight from Charlotte to San Jose wasn't too bad.  The landing at Charlotte was pretty exciting though.  35-45 mph winds that were throwing us around on our approach.  The plane would dip enough to throw your stomach into your throat and force you to impulsively reach for the non-existent "Oh Crap!" bar.  After about the third time you realize that other people have seen you reach for this mystery bar and know that you're just a little scared as you scream towards the runway.  The closer you get to the pavement, the more you're convinced that the pilot has forgotten to put the landing gear down and you're going to end up a sparking ball of flame that comes to a stop in exactly the same spot that the emergency vehicles are going to end up at....BUT then in the end you wait 20 minutes to exit the plane and board the next...unharmed in the successful landing.

Here are some pictures of our arrival in San Jose and the houses we're staying at for the next two weeks.  I'll post more later. 
Waiting for our bus outside the San Jose airport.
My really felt like camp all over again. 
This is our eating/devo area...outside...ROXORS. 

I'm going to be working on the playground for the next two weeks.  It's what I wanted to do.  I DIDN'T want to be stuck painting.  I know "Everything for the glory of God."  But I don't think Paul ever had to wash out paint brushes in the name of Christ...and therefore probably doesn't understand how easily it is to HATE painting.

There'll be more tomorrow or the next day...probably more pictures too!


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