Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The beginning to what i'm going to call the end...

OK...post #1...i am bravely stepping into the world of the blogger. the only way i thought i could begin my tenure here in the blog world was to introduce myself and give a little insight to who i am.

1) i do not claim t0 be an expert on anything i write.

2) what i write is going to be a collection of stories, thoughts and ideas that come to me throughout the days/weeks/months that i'm committing to writing this thing.

3) this will NOT be a daily/weekly blog, so don't expect it. i find that people that write each day their "individual, idealistic thoughts" are just putting out a lot of fluff and idiocy. no one can have that many "ground breaking ideas" without being some sort of moron.

4) as you can probably tell, i think caps are largely a waste of time unless wanting to promote some sort of emphasis on a word (it's already too hard to exude emotion in text, so i'll use caps to my best ability).

5) grammar is too hard to understand most of the time...so don't expect perfect or even mediocre grammar in these writings. so everybody's going to have to be okay with my fragmented sentences and tense confusions...but i'll try my best.

6) this blog is not for debating deep theological/ideological/philosophical issues. if you have an opposing view of a particular issue, fine, state your case in the comments...but if i think you are completely wrong, i'll probably delete your comment and make "people like you" the topic of my next rant. BUT at the same time (like i said earlier) i am not the expert on anything i write, so i'm open for opposing views and more than willing to see my faults. but the bottom line is, if we differ, there is a 90% chance that no one is going to change their mind, especially in a comment fight between us, so plan your attacks wisely.

ok, now that everyone's up to speed on the rules we can get started. i hope to see you back sometime soon.


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