Thursday, March 26, 2009

I don't claim to all...

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A little background: i am a youth pastor. as a youth pastor one of the means by which i communicate and try to reach the youth of my church is through a monthly newsletter. now this newletter (of which i've run 4 issues so far) have been done in a simple format with microsoft publisher. anyone who has run publisher knows it's a fairly simple program that has varous templates that are a far cry from any sort of "WOW" factor. like i said, i've run four issues using publisher and got the desire to make it look better than what it did...

background pt. deux: in college i was able to room with a guy named andrew that was a self taught graphic designer and all around technology genius. he had adobe photoshop on his computer and was willing to give me a pirated copy of the program (he laughed in my face when i asked him how much the program cost). i dabbled with photoshop (keeping my concience at bay about the pirated software) and got less than mediocre at using it. i didn't know how to do much and never really developed it and after i left that particular school in 2004 i really never picked up photoshop again...much less the computer that it's on again.

fastforward to this week: so it came time to put together the April newletter for the youth and i went spelunking around the interweb to find a design program that would be little or no cost to me or the church. turns out there's a program that was developed to basically be "a free version of photoshop" called "GIMP". now all my graphic design friends that read this probably know about this program already, so it's going to be no surprise to them, but i've had a fairly fun time playing around with this program. i've downloaded various additional brushes and a couple "scripts" to help give it a stylistic ability (and trust me, it only took me two days to figure out that i should get these plugins).

all of this to say i want your imput/criticisms. keep in mind i have extremely minimal graphic design experience (i don't think you could categorize it much higher than excessive doodling) and have no training at all. so be gentle, but critical. i haven't figured out all the capabilities to the program and realize that without a tablet i can't use some of the features, but i'm not going to get one and don't think the church will flip the bill on it either. mostly i need imput to see if the extra time that i've put into designing these pages was worth it, or if i should scrap my new idea and just do the old way. let me know.


(ps-i realize that betsy's the only one that subscribed to my bets, it's up to you!)

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