Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For my political friends...

OK, i don't want to start a political war at all...they're stupid, especially when they occur within the realms of blog posts/comments...so, this is not to stir up any ill-feelings towards me or my friends...this is just something that i was contemplating last night. i don't know what brought it on...yes, i have been reading Red Letter Christian by Tony Campolo, but haven't read a page since mid-week last week (until this afternoon that is). now conservative friends, brace yourselves...liberal friends, brace yourselves.

i am pro-life...but not the traditional, "if you have an abortion, you are the most vile specimen of human life known to man..." no no, I'm more the, "yeah, it's a baby from conception, there are certain in-alienable rights that it should have...there are highly useful options other than abortion for this child...but ultimately it's your decision," way.

but here is an issue that not many pro-lifers take time to think about...universal health care. yeah i know, what does that have to do with unborn babies? well, since I'm pro-life and believe that ALL life should be protected, it only makes sense that there is either a) universal health care which provides each person, young and old, medical care to live; or b) massive health care system restructuring that would manifest itself in procedural caps in medical care which would make ALL health care affordable to ALL US citizens.

sounds like I've got my feet on both sides of the fence right? well, i believe you can't have one without the other. if the conservatives have their way and make abortions illegal, then they CANNOT oppose universal health care. one of the leading reasons babies are aborted is because of the lack of ability, financial and emotional, to care for this child and raise it to be a fully functioning part of society. SO, if you are going to mandate that a child be born but refuse to support/pass universal health care legislation, you are almost guaranteeing that child be brought up in a less than healthy environment, which will just perpetuate a cycle of poverty and poor choices. why would you force someone into poverty for the sole reason of a poor choice made with the assistance of hormones and passion?

of all of this i know these things:
a)abortion alternatives should be the foundation of the pro-life movement, NOT anti-abortion legislation.
b)the health care financial structure is run by more crooks than Wall Street, the greatest economic stimulus package could start with an overhaul of the medical world's billing system...$20 for a tube of lotion? really? an industry that is vital to the nation's well-being cannot operate on fiscal endeavours, rather it has to be operated with the greater good in mind.
c)you may agree or disagree, but i implore you to be consistent in your faith, be consistent in your politics.

my $.02

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