Monday, May 18, 2009

Seeing Red? no no, living Red...

ok, so there are two different books that i've been devouring as of late. yes, i know, over-achiever. but i have found that i need to read two books at a time so that i don't get bored with either one. the first book that i'm reading is Sacrifice by Karen's a star wars book...i know, nerd. but that's the magic of reading two books...the first is a fictional, impactless book that is for pure watching saturday morning cartoons. but it's a good addition to the nine-book for all you star wars nerds (and i'm one of them), check it out.

the second (and the reason for this post) is Red Letter Christians by Tony Campolo. let me tell you, this book is rocking my world right now. yes, it's a political book. yes, it slaps hard-right, republican-christians in the face...but yes it also gives a swift kick to far-left liberals. it does come off as more of a liberal book...BUT, Campolo is well informed on the issues he describes and presents sound advice and guidance. but the point is not to sway one to the right or to the left on all topics. rather, it is to encourage each christian (especially those that want to call themselves evangelical but are uncomfortable with the far-right flavor that comes with it) to explore their stance on hot-button issues. as campolo says in the book, "At election time when you are asked, 'Are you a Democrat or a Republican?' your answer should be, 'Name the issue!' On any specific social or political issue, you must be ready and willing to work out which party and/or candidate best represents your convictions." this book encourages christians to approach each issue with the knowledge and wisdom of Christ...hence the name, red letter in, the red letters in a bible are the words of a red letter christian is one that bases his politics on the words of Christ...NOT the words of hard-right evangelical republicans...or far left "feel good Jesus" christians.

anywho, it's a good book (so far, i'm only half-way through and it's proving to be another Campolo masterpiece). and if you don't think so, or are questioning me...go out and read it...then we can debate.

IF, you happen to buy into this guy...or this will more than likely NOT like this don't bother, you're already tipping the scales of crazy.


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Betsy said...

no fair. you have more people following you than me! And I've been here longer.

anyway. i'll have to look into that book.

I understand the 2 book thing. One for fun, one for brain work. nice.