Sunday, May 31, 2009

The limitations of sleep...

OK, so it's been kind of a marathon this week. And there's no end in sight until a week from today. So it's going to be a lot of loss of sleep and dragging my feet. I've been running around trying to finish preparing VBS, I have missions team training the next three Sunday's, AND to top it all off, I have Daddy/Mommy class Saturday; oh, and did I mention that this week is the kick-off to our ecumenical youth services? Yeah, an idea that me and another guy are kind of spear-heading (not to say it's all us, but rather has been hugely helped along by the rest of the members of WAYMA). SO, at the end of it I going to have any energy? I don't know...but I DO know one thing for sure...sleep and coffee aren't going to cut it.

What? Who would ever make a bold statement that sleep and coffee can't fulfill the energy requirements of such a packed schedule? I would, that's right, it's a bold statement, especially for those of us that are addicted to coffee.

I came to this revelation today. All this week I've been tired. Between the countless hours at work, babysitting my 1 year old niece all day Friday, high school graduation parties, and the on-set of a mild illness (I don't know which one's just kind of yucky right now); I've gotten the sleepies. Oh I was in church, don't get me wrong, I was there, gave two announcements even. I listened and yawned often. It was tough! But then afterward we had our mission team training...and here's where I discovered the wellspring of energy that will sustain my busy schedule through the month of June...loving your job. I am, as most of you know, a youth pastor...and I LOVE my job. Not just coming to work...that could drain your soul right out of you. Rather being with youth. We had an hour of team training this afternoon and coming out of that time I feel more awake that if I'd have had 13 hours of sleep last night...of which I did NOT get! You see, I've found, since I've been working at the church, that I've felt most alive and awake doing what I love. And it doesn't have to be youth ministry...but rather loving what you're doing at any given moment. I know there are times that dictate a less than desirable situation, but I ask you, is it the work that sucks or is it something else? When I worked at the tractor salvage, was it the heavy lifting, welding, shipping, inventories, disgruntled customers that made the job suck? NO, it was my attitude that made it suck...and the fact that other employees' attitudes also sucked. There were times that I loved working at the tractor salvage. Who doesn't love welding, driving huge machinery, or shaking the hand of a man that provides food to the world? (I know, that last one is a big statement, but it's true.) Anywho, this is just an encouragement to love what you're doing, even if it sucks...cause if you don't love it worth doing? And if you HAVE to do it, isn't it worth loving?

My $.02.


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