Tuesday, May 5, 2009

simple object lesson...

ok, so i enjoy watching mythbusters...not really because i ponder all these urban legends/displays of idiocy. but rather, who wouldn't want to see what lighting 1 million match heads on fire looks like (brian i have an idea...)?

anywho, last night (i think the original air was 4/29) mythbusters was on, they were building a 7 foot tall lego ball and were going to roll it down a hill to try and bust this myth.

This is what happened.

lessons we learned from this:
a)what you see on the internet (especially great feats of victory) may be (and probably are) fake.
b)no matter how hard you try, crushing a car with legos is near impossible.
and finally, most importantly...
c)life is like the lego ball rolling down the hill...the mythbusters video is like going down the hill of life alone, without God and the hope/love of Christ...you get going, things look good, but then...EPIC FAIL! BUT if you have Christ in your life, it's like the indiana jones lego ball video (no, not faked...that's not the point i'm trying to make), you get rolling, get going...you may hit some turbulence (aka, a car) but in the end, you come out with little damage and able to roll down another hill the next day.

have a great day!

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